Write an exponential function in logarithmic form to exponential form

A Flinn Scholar, Blake C. Struggling with exponential and logarithmic forms?

write the equation in logarithmic form 625=5^4

Use whichever way of looking at this process makes better sense to you and seems the easiest way to remember. Typically, a missing exponent should be found using the logarithmic form and a missing resultant should be found using the exponential form.

Additionally, it is often the case that we are given a form that is not best suited for finding the missing value and we will need to translate our expression from exponential form to logarithmic form, or vice versa.

solving an exponential equation by using logarithms exact answers in logarithmic form

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write the equation in logarithmic form 125 4/3

In the logarithmic form we are most often solving for the missing exponent, having been given the base a and the resultant y.

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Math Help: Converting From Exponential to Logarithmic Form