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Later in the twenties Calvin Coolidge said that the business of America was business.

The lost generation modernism

In addition, Williams had no desire to be a member of the upper class, for he was content with his current status and did not view wealth as a necessity; while most people saw having the most material possessions as the ultimate goal. Expatriates believed that by moving to Paris, their troubles would be cured, but that was not true. However, only a limited number of works identify under this label Hemingway is critical of this lifestyle, with his characters wandering aimlessly in a meaningless world. AB: Did the expats integrate with the French, or did they stay in English speaking circles? He responds, "Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except for bull-fighters. Durham: Duke University Press, Fitzgerald's view of the Twenties was serious and complex, for he recognized the glamour as well as the waste, the charm as well as the self-destruction. As for Fitzgerald, it was all about the writing. To a certain extent, expatriation has to be recognized as an expression of the new consumerism of the s—it was a lifestyle that encouraged debt and indulgence. You hang around cafes.

At first, Spain is everything Jake needs, as he is free to watch the bull-fights and fish, but the charm quickly wears off. Another piece of adversity that hit the Fitzgeralds was that Zelda had mental illness, causing her to be admitted to several mental institutions.

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After the destruction of World War I, many expatriates did not recognize the society they once lived in, driving them to find a new one.

KC: Faulkner is now the most recognized name not to go abroad in the twenties for an extended period, but there were plenty of others. The thing about irony is that is allows for emotional detachment—it introduces a distance in your relationship with the people or things you observe.

But Zelda was a symbol of flapperhood in the s, even though she was really only a flapper after her husband made her famous by claiming his modeled his female characters on her.

These two generations produced the most talented writers of our days. The most interesting similarity between the two generations, however, is their optimism.

The era known as the Lost Generation was marked by change and divide.

The lost generation 1920s

In the second part I will tell you who the lost generation was. So he was attempting to reset the scales. In the aftermath of World War I, nobody could predict what path our society would follow. One reason is my father was born in There is a whole different Gertrude Stein that comes through in her correspondence with Alice B. In another Fitzgerald novel, Tender is the Night, the character Abe represents loss of youth due to alcohol. As contemporaries and rivals, the two make natural foils for each other. They tended to be more guarded even in private.
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English essay: Social Class in the Lost Generation